Bicycling through History


Conquistadors 1
Conquistadors 2
St. Augustine
The Lost Colony
Jamestown VA
Colonies & Voyages
Charleston SC
GW Birthplace
A Pirate Story

- Life in the 1700s -
Early Amer Hist QUIK
The Frontier of 1750s
French and Indian War
Fort Frederick MD
Boone & Batteau
Gen Braddocks role
C&O Canal South

- The War for Independence -
Prior to Revo War
Revolution Part 1
Revolution Part 2
Revolution Part 3
Revolution Part 4
Revolution Part 5
Revolution Part 6
Revolution Part 7
Revolution Part 8
Revolution Part 9
Revolution Part 10
Revolution Part 11
Revolution Part 12

- Submerged History -
Way Cool Reef Diving
Sunken Treasure
The Reef at Looe Key
Blue Springs Diving

- Recent Rides -
  • Greenbrier Trail - this trail is mostly shaded in summer for some cool riding.
  • Jackson River Trail - this is another fun trail not far from Greenbrier.


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    VIDEO on the WEB

    Pirates !!

    Sunken Treasure !!

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    A Series on DVD

    • Follow the very same routes taken by George Washington along the Potomac River and ride inspiring trails through the thirteen colonies. Most people who cycle or walk these trails may not even know the history about them.

    • Instead of walking or being on horseback like travelers in the 1700s, join us for rides along popular bicycle paths that provide the same sort of scenery and landmarks as those found by early settlers and patriots of bygone days.

    • Listen to period music and hear the explanations of people who reenact the past with authentic clothing and accoutrements. See how colonists lived and find remnants of previous generations that remain today (if you know where to look for them).

    • Experience natural beauty and learn through the magic of digital video. Share your fascination with friends and family. This is the exciting new form of media to entertain and educate simultaneously.

    This is what Bicycling Through History is all about.

    We also provide FREE downloads of select pieces

    via Quicktime online videos.

    Somehow, we got off the trail of "normal" American history. We were drawn to true stories that are rarely told or described in text books. As with the entire series, we seek out modern day, subject matter experts who combine vast personal knowledge with a spirit of adventure to relive history around us today.

    Because video on the web has become so popular, and because we have had so many requests for it, we are now providing a few unusual segments. These pieces simply did not fit into the sequential order we try to present on the DVDs. We find them fascinating and perhaps you will, too.

    There are many ways to display video clips on the web. We have chosen MP4 as the format to use. It makes small files with relatively good quality.

    Our intent with online video is merely to provide a brief glimpse into the more complete coverage provided on the DVDs. We also want to show footage NOT included on the DVDs.

    The MP4 format makes these clips easy to download for display on a laptop, an iPod, iPad, tablet, smartphone or similar device.

    We provide a way to preview the clips on the web at - The Video Page.

    Try any of the the ones listed on our Video Page and then come back to visit this site again to see when we add more.

    American History from the perspective of a Casual Cyclist.

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