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Disk 4 Revolutionary Period

Delaware Valley - Philadelphia

  • How did the War for Independence Begin?.

  • Join us for cycling along the trail from downtown Philadelphia to Valley Forge to gain some insights on this subject. Ride along the Schuylkill River through towns like Manayunk and Conshohocken. Also ride trails where Dutch explorers first settled on their way up the Delaware River. There were many events leading up the Revolutionary War and we try to explore the answers from the perspective of modern bicycle trails.

  • In addition to the Delaware Valley region, we travel to Lexington and Concord in Massachussets for the "shot heard 'round the world." Then we see a trail near where General George Washington took command of the Continental Army in Cambridge. Beyond that, we take a trail in Morristown, New Jersey, where George Washington established a headquarters.

  • Then, we have footage along the Delaware River from Washington's Crossing to Lambertville, NJ. All of these trails have significant history to discover. We take tours of old looking ships and some Revolutionary War battle fields along with some classic scenes about the founding fathers debating the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia.

  • The Battle of Brandywine was a major conflict and we visit the exact location for an exciting reenactment that will reveal fascinating details about the soldiers on both sides. From there, we continue to Valley Forge, as did George Washington.

  • Disk 4 marks the beginning the Revolutionary Period. We will offer three disks devoted to the War for Independence. Disk 4 merely sets the stage and shows the early phases of that important struggle. Disk 5 will go farther with other cycling trails and battles. Disk 6 will attempt to pull it all together with a dramatic finale at Yorktown, Virginia.

  • There is so much more. Three DVDs simply cannot tell the entire story, so the full saga will obviously have to continue. Wherever we find evidence of the Revolutionary period in other places or bicycle trails, we will relate that in context to whatever historical explanations can be provided. The beauty of history is that there are so many facets and so many interesting people to discover.

  • When it comes to unusual characters in history, Pirates provide plenty of that! Did you know that Pirates, or the more correct term: Privateers played a major role in winning the War for Independence ? That is a rarely mentioned fact that we have not failed to recognize. Bicycling Through History may not seem the ideal way to learn about this topic, but we have gone to great lengths to bring these unusual facts to life.

  • Experience the natural beauty and learn through the magic of digital video. Share your fascination with friends and family. This is the exciting new form of media to entertain and educate simultaneously. Look for the new this DVD series in stores near you. If the series is not on the shelves: Ask for it!

Bicycling Through History is fun. Share it with friends.

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