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Disk 5

Revolutionary Period

Across Mountains

to the Western Frontier

  • This is one of the most popular editions of our series. It has great scenery and some terrific music by Wayne Henderson. We have excellent footage from two key forts in Kentucky along with several trails in Ohio and Virginia. This will form the basis for disk 5, but the story goes much farther.

  • The Virginia Creeper Trail is in southwestern Virginia near the town of Abingdon. It is named for the railroad that used to creep up the mountain. The railroad was built long after the Revolutionary War, but we have chosen to include it in our series at this point because it represents the type of landscape that would have been familiar to the frontier explorers of the time.

  • Daniel Boone and George Rogers Clark were important figures in the western expansion of the United States during the Revolutionary period. There are few bicycle trails that follow their actual travels, however, the Creeper trail is in the general vicinity where Daniel Boone once lived and hunted. George Rogers Clark orginally came from the area around Charlottesville, Virginia. He might have also explored and hunted in the same region where the Creeper trail is located, but that kind of information has not been well documented. Frontiersmen were more interested in survival and less inclined towards writing about exactly where they had been. This is not to say that those fellows were lost, but they certainly went to places where detailed maps did not exist.

  • The Appalachian Mountains were a formidable barrier to western expansion of the original thirteen colonies. The trails we have ridden on bicycles will aptly demonstrate the terrain that early explorers had to cross. There were no roads. There were no signs. There were no convenience stores in the 1700's. Frontier people had to contend with harsh weather, wild animals and hostile native American Indians. Despite all of those hazards, they still managed to forge ahead and make significant contributions to the War for Independence.

  • There were many other individuals who suffered and sacrificed going through, and then beyond the mountains. Yet it all comes down to two names, which repeatedly come up in history as the ones who took enormous risks, prevailed against seemingly insurmountable odds and accumulated some of the most astonishing stories of American history. Daniel Boone and George Rogers Clark were both legends in their own time. Their exploits are still remarkable even in this modern era. What they accomplished cannot be fully covered in just one disk of this DVD series, but their sense of adventure will certainly come through - loud and clear. We will probably revisit their trails again later in history.

  • The Virginia Creeper Trail has been ridden by tens of thousands of people from all over the world. How many of them have a video to document that experience? This DVD will be unique if for no other reason than to show how wild that ride can actually be. The music is authentic to that region - meaning - it is equally wild. Wayne Henderson is a legend in Appalachian region. He make guitars and plays with techniques both authentic and innovative. Often called a "Virtuoso of Guitar Pickin'," (and that is not quite the same as banjo pickin') Wayne is a real American hero. This video is sure to become a souvenir for those who manage to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail in the future. The release date of this disk is uncertain. We hope to have it available in mid - 2004. There are many unseen obstacles to publishing DVDs. We will release them as fast as we can.

  • Experience natural beauty and learn through the magic of digital video. Share your fascination with friends and family. This is the exciting new form of media to entertain and educate simultaneously. Look for the new this DVD series in stores near you. If the series is not on the shelves: Ask for it!

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