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Disk 6 Revolutionary Period

Long and winding trails to Yorktown

  • This edition is very close to public release. It features an expert portrayal of General George Washington explaining the Revolutionary War. We have excellent footage along the trails at Yorktown, Virginia. We ride along the York River and see the fort where Washington's Continental Army trapped the British and forced them to surrender.

  • We have video footage along the coast from New England to Georgia, the Appalachian Mountains and various trails and landmarks in between. The challenge is to include everything that happened during the war into just two DVDs. The Revolutionary War lasted almost ten years, and yet presenting the story is precisely what we do. Unlike other DVDs in our series, this edition has more history and less cycling.

  • This newest edition will carefully detail George Washington's participation in the Revolutionary War from beginning to end. It will show details of important victories at Trenton and Monmouth. We also go back and revisit places like Charleston, SC and Montreal, which were other important cities during the revolution, even though we had ridden their bicycle trails to illustrate the colonial period. We have some wonderful footage of reenactments portraying the southern campaign. It all reaches a triumphant conclusion at Yorktown, Virginia.

  • One of the most fascinating parts is a reenactment of the Revolutionary Battle of Bound Brook ! This event occurred at the exact location of the real battle. Things look differently there now, so the soldiers seem a bit out of place. That only adds to the excitement.

  • Experience natural beauty and learn through the magic of digital video. Share your fascination with friends and family. This is the exciting new form of media to entertain and educate simultaneously. Look for the new this DVD series in stores near you. If the series is not on the shelves: Ask for it!

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We now have some video segments online that did not make it into the DVD series.

Listed below are some of those other segments :

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