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Bicycling through History, Pirates

Disk 7 - The Pirate Edition

  • This DVD edition is simply too much fun. We have excellent footage from sailing ships off the Florida Keys and we have bicycle trails along scenic coastlines to look for buried treasure. This DVD is so fascinating that we can barely pull ourselves away from it to work on all the other programs.

    Pirates are Real - Even Today.

  • The stories of pirates through history are captivating. There were pirates before the time of Christopher Columbus and there are still pirates roaming the high seas TODAY! If you don't believe us, check out these links:

    Click on the link designated for REPORTS of the most recent attacks.

    The link changes periodically. Here is PDF from the end of 2007.

    See for yourself. There really are pirates attacking ships in 2008.

  • Pirates may not be off the coast of New York or Los Angeles, but they do exist.

  • Our #7 will take you to places where treasure is supposed to be buried. Ours is not a fantasy tale with special effects and cartoon characters. We go to where Gasparilla reportedly stashed away over $30 million dollars of gold, silver, jewelry and loot. We go to the hideout of Blackbeard and follow his travels from a lowly cabin boy to an international legend. We identify places where Captain Kidd is known to have been and where he might have dug the hole for his fortunes.

  • We start by explaining the meaning of the term: Privateer. That can be interpreted in several different ways.

  • We tell the story of General George Washington and the Continental Congress. They made use of "Privateers" to help win the War for Independence.

  • And, we may learn about about how pirates helped win the War of 1812, too.

If you live anywhere near the coast,
chances are we visited your local trail.

There are so many buried treasures, that searching for them might last for a long time.

You can find pirate treasure, too. Check out our Podcasts:

Experience natural beauty and learn through the magic of digital video. Share your fascination with friends and family. This is the exciting new form of media to entertain and educate simultaneously. Look for the new this DVD series in stores or libraries near you. If the series is not on the shelves: Ask for it !

Bicycling Through History is fun. Share it with friends.

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