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The recent trip through Europe was from Regensburg, Germany to Vienna, Austria.

cycling along Danube River Donau

Regensburg is at upper left on map and Vienna is at lower right. Both are along the Danube River, known in Europe at The Donau. The cycling journey was mostly along paved trails near the river and was mostly flat. It was actually all downhill when one considers that Regensburg is upstream from Vienna. There were a few inclines to negotiate, especially in the towns. The trip involved staying in a different hotel along the route each night. Luggage was transported by a business that organizes such trips. The total trip mileage was over 300 miles in ten days.

Regensburg Germany

The arrival in Regensburg was late afternoon as the sun was setting which provided perfect light for a photo.

Straubing Germany

The second night after 25 miles ride was in Straubing, which is known for the second largest beer festival in Germany after Octoberfest in Munich.

Deggendorf Germany

The next night was spent in Deggendorf, which has some very interesting museums and typically Germanic architectural styles.

Passau Germany

The next stop was Passau where 3 rivers converge. This was a major trading location and remains so today, as well as a tourist attraction.

Cruise Boat Danube River Donau

Passau has a very busy dock where River Cruise Boats tie up to allow passengers the chance to walk into the beautiful, historic city.

Sidewalk cafes Passau Germany

One of the most popular activities is eating at one of the many sidewalk cafes, shown here in the main plaza.

Schlogen Austria

Next stop along the cycling trail was Schlogen, Austria, which is at a sharp turn in the river with steep hills on both sides.

Ottensheim Austria

There was a castle across the river in Ottensheim and a ferry to take cars and cyclists across for a closer look.

Linz Austria

The stop that night was in Linz, which is the third largest city in Austria. It had a wonderful town square.

small castle in Austria

There were other, smaller castles along the cycling trail.

Grein Austria

The stop that evening was in Grein, Austria, which also boasts a rather large castle undergoing renovation. The cyclist is unknown.

castle in Grein Austria

The castle is owned by a Prince who married a woman from California, thus making her a Princess. They live near the castle.

Danube River Donau Austria

The photo above is typical of the many small towns along the Danube River which could easily make scenic postcards.

Benedictine Abbey Melk Austria

The Benedictine Abbey in Melk, Austria is very large and distinctive in appearance as it towers over the small town.

Aggstein Castle Austria

The Aggstein castle is the most popular in Austria for visitors who want to climb through, see and feel the disheveled structure.

Aggstein castle Austria

Some interior parts of the castle are restored to show what life was like in medieval times, while other parts are more rustic.

Aggstein castle Austria

Visitors to the castle are encouraged to explore the various rooms and courtyard for a glimpse at life in an earlier age.

Aggstein castle Austria

Cold Beer and Eskimo pies are sold within the castle for those who seek the more modern refreshments.

Tulln Austria

The stop for that night was in Tulln, Austria which has the earliest remnants of Roman occupation in that area.

Vienna Austria

The last and final stop on the cycling tour along the Danube River was Vienna, Austria. It has far too many attractions to mention.

Vienna Austria

Vienna is most notable as the home of the Habsburg family who ruled an empire. They also employed famous composers, such as:

Johan Straus Vienna Austria

Johann Strauss Jr, whose specialty was creating pleasing compositions like "The Blue Danube Waltz."

Vienna Austria

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is another composer who is honored in Vienna for his prolific work in the art of music.

Vienna Austria

Mozart has an entire opera house named for him and it continues to host wonderful perfomances.

Vienna Austria

There are many very impressive government buildings in Vienna which have architectural significance.

Vienna Austria

These buildings are grouped together which makes it easy for tourists to glide effortlessly from one to another.

Vienna Austria

Cyclists can even stop to admire the many statues and landscaping throughout the city.

Vienna Austria

European History from the perspective of a Casual Cyclist.

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