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The recent trip through Europe was from Regensburg, Germany to Vienna, Austria.

cycling along Danube River Donau

Regensburg is at upper left on map and Vienna is at lower right. Both are along the Danube River, known in Europe at The Donau. The cycling journey was mostly along paved trails near the river and was mostly flat. It was actually all downhill when one considers that Regensburg is upstream from Vienna. There were a few inclines to negotiate, especially in the towns. The trip involved staying in a different hotel along the route each night. Luggage was transported by a business that organizes such trips. The total trip mileage was over 300 miles in ten days.

The arrival in Regensburg was late afternoon via plane and train. The first day's cycling ride was to Straubing. It was 30 miles and a good introduction to Cycle-Touring in Europe. Historical sites dated back 900 years as shown in the video clip above, however, archeological sites show settlers in the area dating back 2000 years ago.

The clip above shows cycling from Straubing to Deggendorf and then on to Passau, so it actually covers 2 days. In Deggendorf there was a museum showing artifacts that dated back 4000 years ago. Passau is major tourist destination and transportation hub. Its buildings are mostly 18th and 19th century which offer very pleasing streets and sights of history that lives on quite well today.

The next clip shows riding from Passau, Germany into Austria with the destination of Schlogen. The Danube River becomes more scenic and the lodging choices become more interesting.

The clip above shows several beautiful stretches along the Danube River from Schlogen to Linz, Austria. Various people of historical note are mentioned who either lived, worked or were born near Linz.

The beauty of the River Donau is again featured with the cycling from Linz to Grein, Austria. There are 3 notable historical sites shown. One dates back 14,000 years ago and the other two are from WWII. Grein has an impressive castle and wonderful, old-time gasthof accommodation.

The next day of the cycling tour was from Grein to Melk. Once again history is shown in a vivid flowing ride through Austrian towns with scenic beauty and legitimate historical significance. Cuisine is covered briefly in a sidewalk cafe. There was wonderful food all along the cycling trip, but that is for others to present who are more of the gourmet orientation.

The cycling tour from Melk to Tulln offered more gorgeous sights and more history. It included the castle show in the clip below and ended with the oldest remnant of Roman occupation in southern Austria.

The next day allowed for a slight detour away from the river, up a mountain to visit the Aggstein Castle. This was just few miles past the departure point of Melk, known for its Benedictine Abbey. The castle is the most popular in southern Austria. One can get a true appreciation of history dating back to the 12th century when visiting.

The final day of cycling was from Tulln to Vienna, Austria. From there was a train ride back to Munich for a flight back to US of A. Vienna had fantastic sights at every turn.

A selection of still photos along the journey are provided at: THIS LINK PHOTOS.

The last clip of this group is to acknowledge the superb assistance of and Radreisen. They were the means to ARRANGE this spectacular trip. Radreisen provided the actual tour maps, accommodations, bicycle and luggage transfers. made the booking possible for an American without the language skills to make the reservation in a foreign language.
Their web site is superb for Americans to select cycling tours around the world.

European History from the perspective of a Casual Cyclist.

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