Bicycling through History



Conquistadors 1

Conquistadors 2

St. Augustine

The Lost Colony

Jamestown VA

Colonies & Voyages

Charleston SC

GW Birthplace



A Pirate Story

- Life in the 1700s -

Early Amer Hist QUIK

The Frontier of 1750s


French and Indian War

Fort Frederick MD

Boone & Batteau

Gen Braddocks role

C&O Canal South

- The War for Independence -

Prior to Revo War

Revolution Part 1

Revolution Part 2

Revolution Part 3

Revolution Part 4

Revolution Part 5

Revolution Part 6

Revolution Part 7

Revolution Part 8

Revolution Part 9

Revolution Part 10

Revolution Part 11

Revolution Part 12

- Submerged History -

Sunken Treasure

The Reef at Looe Key

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Edition 2

Edition 3

Edition 4

Edition 5

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In Association with


Pirates !!


Sunken Treasure !!


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Edition 5

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Bicycling through History, A New Series on DVD

Maps and Directions can help you find your way.

  • We have not provided the maps or directions that you probably want or need because we don't know where you want to go.

  • This is not an obstacle, but rather a challenge to you, our web viewers. There are easy ways to find good trails.

  • We suggest you find those bicycle trails near you and explore those first. That is precisely what we did, because before we could go off on cross-country, and round-the-world adventures to find historical features and landmarks, we had to start by getting in shape. We had to ride near where we live to become comfortable on our mechanical steeds. It does take time.

  • Now if you have already ridden many miles on your bicycle and you know you are in shape, and then you are asking to know where to ride to follow the same historical routes that we do; then we suggest you conduct a search for the bicycle trails you seek. Things do change and they might be quite different now from when we rode those trails. Remember to get not only the maps you need, but the latest information. We can get lost, but we don't want our viewers to blame us for bad maps or bad directions that result in you getting lost.

  • One of the best sources we have found, and that we heartily support, is Trail, which is part of the Rails to Trails Conservancy.

  • Their site to search for trails is far better than anything we could do. In fact, we have used their trail search extensively to locate many of the trails we have ridden.

  • Another reason we like their trails is because we do not have fight with motor vehicles along the way. This is important for a casual cyclist.

  • The other resource we suggest for finding trails to ride is your local library. Many libraries have our DVDs and if yours does not, then tell the librarian to order some of our DVDs at this web page (designed specifically for librarians).

  • Your local library might have other maps or resources, as well. If this DVD series is not on the shelves: Ask for it !

This is one of our favorite introductory rides - Washington, DC. and it does provide clear directions.

Assuming that you do want to ride a bicycle to discover history, what is the best way to go about it ?

Our answer is to search for the trails and also search for Festivals or Reenactments.

Unfortunately, there is no single web site, or directory, or database that we have found to keep track of all these events.

YOU simply have to do the research to find where and when these Festivals and Reenactments are held.

Once you have found an event that looks good, then go into Trail and see if you can find a trail nearby.

That has been our approach and it has worked very well for us. - FIND a FESTIVAL or REENACTMENT then FIND A TRAIL.

Chances are pretty good that if a reenactment is held near a good cycling trail, then the history about the trail will unfold.

Before you attend the reenactment, search the history about it on the web. That makes riding the trail more exciting.

Even if you do not have a bicycle, know nothing about history and do not care about festivals or reenactments,

We still have an idea for you.

Plan a trip to Key West, Florida during Pirates in Paradise.

This festival is held at the end of November - beginning of December each year and is one of our favorites.

You can rent bicycles if you want. You can see authentic historical landmarks with ease and you can party with the Pirates.

Because the weather is usually so pleasant and the ambiance of Key West so enchanting, we can practically guarantee a good time.

If you need more explicit directions or a map, then Go To South Florida, Take Highway 1 South. When you get to Mile 0, you have arrived.

When you leave Key West, or IF you leave Key West (because so many people decide to stay), then we feel certain you will have learned something about history and bicycling.

It is claimed that Key West has more people who ride to work on a bicycle than any other city in the United States.

If you prefer to venture off into other places, with or without a bicycle, we wish you well. . . . Just remember:

Bicycling Through History is fun. Get lost with friends.

  • Columbus - featuring a ship like the one he sailed to the new world.
  • Conquistadors 1 - featuring exploration of an island found by early explorers.
  • Conquistadors 2 - featuring ancient ruins that demonstrate what life was like in the 1500's.
  • St. Augustine - is where Ponce DeLeon came ashore to claim an entire continent for the King of Spain.
  • The Lost Colony - was first attempt by the British to establish a colony in what is now North Carolina.
  • Jamestown VA - was the first permanent English settlement in the New World in what is now Virginia.
  • Colonies & Voyages - traces French Quebec and Hudson with the Dutch while also showing lomg ocean voyages.
  • Charleston SC - has ample historic architecture and charm that is a pleasure to ride through on a bicycle.
  • George Washington's Birthplace - shows the farm where he was born and where his ancestors lived and died.
  • Fredericksburg - was George Washington's boyhood home & Winchester is where he had his first job as a surveyor.
  • Barbados - is an island in the Caribbean that has significant American history and has spectacular scenery.
  • Pirate Story - they tried to steal the gold and silver off Spanish ships on their way returning to Europe.
  • Our DVD series began by following the life of George Washington. The next links continue that sequence.
  • Summary of Early American History - provides a quick glimpse at colonizing.
  • The Frontier of the colonies in the 1750s - shows trails taken by George Washington.
  • A Fort in French and Indian War - features explanations and demonstrations of life in that time.
  • Montreal - Canada was an important area for early explorers and colonial influence, and it has great cycling trails.
  • A brief look at Ft. Frederick, MD - we need to show what these places look like today and discuss the current situation.
  • Boone & Batteau - shows starts the life of Daniel Boone and his travels as well as a Batteau Festival.
  • General Braddock played a role in the French and Indian War and his death is what gave more experience to George Washington.
  • C&O Canal South - documents two cyclists riding southeast from Pittsburgh past Harpers Ferry to WashDC via the C & O Canal.
  • There are many cycling trails that retrace the routes taken during the War for Independence.
  • Prior to Revo War - describes events leading up to the Revolutionary War and the early battles that took place.
  • Revolution Part 1 - shows the deliberations and voting at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.
  • Revolution Part 2 - has the early battles and severe challenges that faced General Washington and his Army.
  • Revolution Part 3 - provides insight to how the Continental Army evaded the British using what are now cycling trails.
  • Revolution Part 4 - has commentary from both British Commander Cornwallis and George Washington on tactics in war.
  • Revolution Part 5 - outlines more battles and adventures from the frontier west during the War for Independence.
  • Revolution Part 6 - covers several important aspects like Northwest Territories and the Battle of Bound Brook.
  • Revolution Part 7 - shows the progress from Valley Forge to Battle of Monmouth to Rhode Island and Nathanial Greene.
  • Revolution Part 8 - details the Siege of Boonesborough and some of the other events in the War across vast distances.
  • Revolution Part 9 - follows the action of the Southern Campaign across the Carolinas under the lead of General Greene.
  • Revolution Part 10 - gets to the culmination of the War from the Carolinas to the Siege at Yorktown, Virginia.
  • Revolution Part 11 - explains the subtle nuances of the British Surrender at Yorktown to the Continental Army.
  • Revolution Part 12 - offers overlooked facts regarding the time between Yorktown and the Treaty of Paris in 1783.
  • - Submerged stories show what the early colonists ate for supper. -
  • Sunken Treasure - featuring scuba diving to search the ocean floor in hopes of finding ships and their precious cargoes.
  • The Reef at Looe Key - is a spectacular place for scuba diving or snorkeling as it is the actual location of some famous shipwrecks.
  • Sunken Wrecks - is our video showing scuba diving off Ft. Lauderdale where the Gulf Stream currents are really strong.
  • More clips will be added. This process takes time. Please be patient.

Some of our online videos are OUT OF SEQUENCE. We will have to explain their significance LATER.

This is one of our favorite introductory rides - Washington, DC.

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American History from the perspective of a Casual Cyclist.

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