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For Immediate Release

Washington, DC. . January 30, 2004

DVD #4 Released and News for Bicycling Through History

Bicycling Through History, the DVD publisher featuring videos of famous cycling trails with period music and explanations, has recently released the fourth disc in the series, entitled, "Revolutionary Period - Delaware Valley - Philadelphia." The program continues to follow the trails of George Washington beginning with the building where he presided over the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. Earlier history of settlement along the Delaware River has been provided before starting the featured cycling ride from downtown Philadelphia to Valley Forge, up the Schuylkill River. A special segment is included about signing the Declaration of Independence. Other segments show popular cycling trails of today which were also important during the Revolutionary War, such as those in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, as well as from Washington's Crossing to Lambertville, New Jersey. The real surprise of disc 4 will come toward the end, showing yet another cycling trail that was used during 1776 in a most unexpected location.

We Love Librarians.

The crew from Bicycling Through History just returned from San Diego, California to attend the American Library Association mid winter conference Jan. 9-12. "We got a rather large order immediately after the Librarian conference during the summer, so I thought I should go and find out more about this market," says Producer of the DVD series, Robert Weber. "What I quickly discovered is that librarians like our series. We made contacts with other distributors and the feedback we got was all very positive. It seems that libraries want this type of DVD series for their collections. They recognize that our programs offer information not only about history, but also about geography, culture and folk music. The best part is that they catalog the data so that if, for example, someone wants to see what the roads are like in Barbados, they can watch our DVD number 2." said Weber.

While at the ALA conference, we provided some previews of upcoming segments in our DVD series. One of the most popular rides in the country is the Virginia Creeper Trail and our demonstration video presented the scenery from Green Cove Station down the trail for several miles. That segment will be part of Disk 5 featuring the history of Daniel Boone during the Revolutionary period. Some other popular previews were Monterey and San Diego. "We expected a good crowd from California at the show," said producer Robert Weber, "so the demo included some trails that they would recognize."

The Bicycling Through History younger set also managed to shoot some more footage for the Pirate Edition. They shot a gorgeous sunset ride at the Crystal Cove trail south of Los Angeles. That can be a very interesting place to learn about history and sea life. Sara is holding a specimen.

When will the next DVD be released?

"Our timing has not been very good," said producer Robert Weber. "We thought we had everything ready for a big release of Disc 4 before December 2003. That schedule slipped and our whole marketing plan went down the drain. Fortunately, we did have the DVDs ready for the ALA conference. It was not at all what we expected, but the excellent reception by the librarians made up for delay. Who would have guessed that libraries wanted DVDs about Bicycling through History?" During the holiday season of 2002, there was a significant increase in sales when an article was published about the DVD series in the Detroit Free Press. Details of that are described in our third press release. "We have a very good public relations plan," says Robert Weber. "We just cannot seem to get our timing in synch with the stores that sell our DVDs. Maybe some day we will."

"What is next for the series ?"

The producer says, "Disk 5 is terrific, because we show where Daniel Boone was chased by Indians and where battles took place, and more bike trails, and more period music, and more real life drama. Each DVD of the series just gets more intense." The featured trail in Disk 5 will be the Virginia Creeper. This is a very popular trail in the southeastern part of the country because it is near the border between Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. "Tens of thousands of people ride that trail every year and I doubt that they know the historical significance," the producer exclaims. "We will not only put the ride on video, but we will also explain the history associated with it."

There are many more trails to ride and stories to tell.

"If you need more quotes, I can send them via email." says Robert Weber, producer.

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