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What have we done lately ?

January 2003 Bicycling through History, A New Series on DVD

"Well, . . . . . our ace production crew just returned from sunny California, where the surf was up and temperature was down. Forty degrees might seem nice in North Lake Tahoe, but it is not what we expected in San Diego. Fortunately, the sun came out and warmed up the bicycle trails just for the shoot. The best part about it was not being crowded. We always have to get clean footage for the DVDs.

Pacific Beach was in rare form. There had been big storms just before arrival, so sand and seaweed were washed up on the boardwalk. The fat tires on the cruiser bikes were put to the test. They worked well through Mission Beach and then over the river bridge to Ocean Beach. The historic destination for the ride was Point Loma to get the Cabrillo Memorial shots. Old Town also provided some good scenery and a great place to eat at the Mexican Cafe. The handmade tortillas were excellante'. Speaking of good restaurants, the Fish Market on the old wharf was a gastronomic delight. Three helpings of fresh bread sure filled the void left by a full day of cycling. The seafood was awfully good, too.

The next stop was Arizona. Our crew continued on the trail of Spanish conquistadors with a visit to the Coronado Memorial. Maybe we should call it "Spelunking Through History" as the crew descended into the 600 foot long cave. This was no tourist trap. Flashlights were needed because there are is no lighting provided in the cave. Members of the crew were the only ones in there except for the bats and snakes. A comment was made during the adventure about prehistoric humans living in caves, but our DVDs are not quite ready for that approach just yet. Those scenes might get an R rating or worse.

Tombstone was having a living history day as the crew arrived. The cowboys were out in the streets and ready for gunfights. "The OK corral was definitely OK."

Yeah, . . . . so what else ?

"On the shoot before that, the crew was in Florida for the 'Pirate' theme. From Tampa down to Sanibel Island, the search was on for buried treasure of the famous buccaneer, Jose Gaspar. Legend has it that he buried over $30 million worth of loot in the swamps. Bicycle trails might possibly lead right to the spot where the gold has been recently uncovered by a storm or hurricane. You have to watch the upcoming DVD to see if any treasure was actually found or if the crew just spent a fortune on the trip.


From there, the BTH Team cruised on down to the Keys for the Pirates in Paradise Festival. Tall ships at sunset were sailing for bounty, too. This time it was the tourists who pay anywhere from $45 to $85 for a 90 minute ride. Our DVDs offer to take you along through the magic of digital video for a lot less money. You will not get seasick and you don't have to wear a life jacket. You can pedal right along on your stationary bike in your own home as we risk life and limb during boarding parties and sword-fights. (Well, . . almost) We do expect the "Golden Age of Piracy" edition of Bicycling Through History to be available toward the end of 2004. Given the success of disk #2 with our trip to the West Indies and other points south, we anticipate a hearty 'aaaarrrgh, matey' reaction when the Pirate's disk is published.

For now, we still have to get through Revolutionary War. The production trip before the one to Florida was to Princeton, New Jersey for the Raritan Canal ride. Our crew captured the fall foliage at absolute peak conditions. The trail was not crowded except for deer, ducks and geese. It was all caught on digital video for countless others to enjoy.

One surprise of the trip was Kopp's Bicycle Shop. Their claim is being the oldest bike shop in the United States and possibly the oldest, still functioning bike shop in the world. Vickie managed to snag an interview with the owner, Charles Kuhn. He also allowed our cameras into the private historic museum area showing wooden rim wheels and memorabilia from past Olympics. There were many other surprises, but the only way to experience them is through our DVD series."

Where else have we been lately ?

"How about Gunston Hall, Virginia, home of George Mason, a real patriot and founding father ?

Or the Endview Plantation near Yorktown, Virginia ? (Ever heard of Cornwallis ?)

Or, Antietam near Sharpsburg, Maryland ? (Bloodiest Battle come to mind ?)

Or Mercersburg, Pennsylvania ? (Wait til you see this action !)

All have fun places to ride and visit."

"If you want some more quotes, I'll send them via email." Robert Weber, producer.

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