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For Immediate Release

Washington, DC. . February 1, 2003

Bicycling Through History celebrates the birthday of George Washington.

So often we find that holidays become trivialized with special bargains advertised for "SALE" simply because it is "Washington's Birthday." WE, at Bicycling Through History, take the opposite approach. We are raising the prices of our DVDs on February 22 in order to commemorate the birth of our first President. We think that he was such an outstanding person, that it is a fitting tribute to raise our prices on this one day of the year. We are going to raise the price on our DVDs by one dollar for this one day only because George Washington's portrait is prominently found on the one dollar bill. By taking this unusual approach, we hope that people will stop to reflect on what an enormous contribution he made to this country.


When people have to pay one dollar extra, they should view it in the same way as the type of sacrifice made by this brave and patriotic man, who devoted his life to service of our fledgling country. As a young military officer, he suffered during the French and Indian War. He suffered again during the Revolutionary War and if he were here today, he would suffer once more by having to pay extra for our DVDs on his birthday.


To honor the memories of George Washington, we have compiled a list of notable facts that relate to his long and illustrious career:

  • George Washington did not run for the office of President.
  • George Washington did not appear on TV talk shows.
  • George Washington did not need to run 60 second spot commercials.
  • George Washington did not have to file income tax returns.
  • . . . . or have them scrutinized by the press !
  • George Washington is the only President who was unanimously elected for both terms in office by receiving all of the electoral votes.
  • George Washington did not want to be paid for being President.
  • . . . . (Congress did allocate $25,000 per year for salaries of staff and Cabinet members, as well as expenses.)
  • George Washington still had to spend his own money for other expenses.
  • George Washington did not, however, incur huge legal bills while in office.
  • George Washington added the phrase "So help me God" to the Presidential Oath of Office at his inauguration.
  • George Washington established that two terms are enough for the Presidency.
  • George Washington wrote more letters than any other President in our history.
  • . . . . (over 20 thousand) . . . . (and he did not use a computer to do it !!)
  • George Washington was a prosperous businessman, a soldier and a President.


We think that if George Washington were here today, he would find most TV boring.

We salute George Washington for his courage and his service.

We think he would understand that raising prices for just one day is no big deal.

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