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Washington, DC. . July 28, 2003

New DVD Released and News for Bicycling Through History

Bicycling Through History, the DVD publisher featuring videos of famous cycling trails with period music and explanations, has just released the third DVD in its series. Disk 3 continues to follow the life of George Washington along the trails that he took as a young man. Many of those same routes have now become popular for cyclists, yet riders often do not even realize the history associated with them. The third DVD begins in Jamestown, Virginia. George Washington was not yet born in 1607 when that colony was founded, but the location is near Williamsburg. George Washington began a journey from there by direction of Governor Dinwiddie who represented British colonial political power at the time. That journey ultimately started the French and Indian War. The third DVD shows cycling through the towns of Fredericksburg and Winchester, Virginia, which were both very important to the development and career of the first U.S. President. Other cycling on the new disk takes place in Montreal, Canada. That city was the center of French political power during the Seven Years War, also known as the French and Indian War. The DVD shows various points along the western frontier of the British colonies in the mid-1700's.

Along with releasing the third DVD, there will now be a way to purchase all three disks bundled together in what is called, 'The Colonial 3 Pack.' The box will contain the three DVDs with a special extra promotional bar of handmade soap. The concept behind the soap is to provide a scent of what life might have been like during colonial times. Soap is obviously something that was needed then and is very useful now for cyclists after a days ride. What makes the soap special is that the bar enclosed is made in the same manner as those found during the eighteenth century. This lends itself to comparisons regarding modern 'multimedia.' Most other DVDs offer electronic presentations to arouse the senses of hearing and vision. Bicycling Through History goes beyond that by also offering something for the sense of smell. Along with period music and reenactors showing the costumes and customs of those earlier days, the soap can have a special effect of taking viewers virtually back in time.

Isn't this referred to as, "Smell-a-Vision" ?

"Yes, we knew this term would be used to describe our new packaging," says Producer of the DVD series, Robert Weber. "Sometimes it takes this type of special emphasis for people to recognize our DVD series as a way to learn more about history. This is the first publication of any product, that we know of, which provides visual evidence, sounds and music that are historically correct and an authentic aroma that conveys to people what life might have been like in colonial America. Basic living was definitely more difficult when settlers first landed at Jamestown, Virginia, and even some hundred years later as George Washington rode his horse out to western Pennsylvania, life was still tough. We do not attempt to show the all the hardships and challenges they faced, but we can follow some of the very same trails taken by early settlers. That is what this DVD series is all about," said Weber.

"We have also been working hard on the next phase of our series, the Revolutionary period," said the producer. "We have just returned from upstate New York and shooting video at places like Schenectady, Oriskany and Fort Stanwix. Another place that had loads of history was Fort Niagara. That was significant during the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. It is quite a visual experience. Of course we took in Niagara Falls and caught that at a really peak time for photography."

Bicycling Through History has recently found a new market with Librarians!

DVD Producer Weber continues, "We had a wonderful production trip during July, but the real surprise came when we arrived at home and received our largest order thus far. It came from BWI Books, which is a distributor for libraries. We never really thought much about our DVDs in libraries, but it certainly makes sense. Now we have to look at reaching the librarians who make decisions about what new media they need to acquire. Maybe the best part about this is that more people will be able to watch our DVDs for free."

Coming up in August of 2003, Bicycling Through History will do another production shoot with the younger girls who auditioned for the part in California. They will be working on trails that show the role of pirates in the Revolutionary War. They have also signed up to do more segments for the series in other parts of the country.

The next big event for Bicycling Through History will be Interbike, a huge trade show for the cycling industry in Las Vegas during the week of October 10. The entire marketing department for the DVD series will be presenting current releases and previews of the next disks. Bike shops and specialty retailers are expected to attend the show in large numbers. Special sales incentives will be offered.


"I wish I could tell you," said producer Robert Weber. "We don't even know ourselves. In late June, we wanted to have a big release for our disk 3 before the Tour de France began, but once that got started we were captivated by it. Cyclists everywhere probably acknowledge that as one the major events of the summer. The fifth straight win on the 100th anniversary was huge, and especially for Lance Armstrong who says he will be back again. There is nothing we can say that would compete with the efforts devoted to the Tour."

Way to go, Lance !


"What an amazing race !"

The producer says, "We admire the racers, but we just go out to have fun and find new places to ride, visit and take video. Today America: Tomorrow the world !"

"If you want some more quotes or pictures, I'll send them via email." Robert Weber, producer.

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