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For Immediate Release

Washington, DC. . October 20, 2003

New DVD 3 Package Released and News for Bicycling Through History

Bicycling Through History, the DVD publisher featuring videos of famous cycling trails with period music and explanations, has just released the Colonial 3 Package comprised of Disks 1, 2 and 3. The box will contain the three DVDs with a special extra promotional bar of handmade soap. The concept behind the soap is to provide a scent of what life might have been like during colonial times. Soap is obviously something that was needed in the old days and is still very useful for cyclists after a days ride in modern times. What makes the soap special is that the bar enclosed is made in the very same manner as would have been found during the eighteenth century. This lends itself to comparisons regarding 'multimedia.' Most other DVDs offer electronic presentations to arouse the senses of hearing and vision. Bicycling Through History goes beyond that by also offering something for the sense of smell. Along with period music and reenactors showing the costumes and customs of those earlier days, the soap can have a special effect of taking viewers virtually back in time.

Isn't this called, "Smell-a-vision" ?

"Yes, we knew this term would be used to describe our new packaging," says Producer of the DVD series, Robert Weber. "Sometimes it takes this type of special emphasis for people to recognize our DVD series as a way to learn more about history. This is the first publication of media, that we know of, which provides visual evidence, sounds and music that are historically correct and the real aroma that can convey to people what life was like in colonial America. Life was definitely more difficult when settlers first landed at Jamestown, Virginia, and even some hundred years later as George Washington rode a horse out to western Pennsylvania. We do not attempt to show the all the hardships and challenges they faced, but we can follow some of the same trails taken by early settlers. That is what this DVD series is all about," said Weber.

The crew from Bicycling Through History just returned from Interbike recently. That was a huge trade show for the cycling industry in Las Vegas during the week of October 10. Bike shops and specialty retailers were there in record numbers. Sales were brisk. People from all over the world attended the show, as did certain famous celebrities. Las Vegas can be a very exciting place.

While at the trade show, we provided some previews of upcoming segments in our DVD series. One of the most popular rides in the country is the Virginia Creeper Trail and our demonstration video presented the scenery from Green Cove Station down the trail for several miles. That segment will be part of Disk 5 featuring the history of Daniel Boone during the Revolutionary period. Some other popular previews were Monterey and San Diego. "We expected a good crowd from California at the show," said producer Robert Weber, "so the demo included some trails that they would recognize."


"I wish I could tell you," said producer Robert Weber. "We have everything ready except for one little detail. We hope to have Disk 4 published before December. That is when we normally get a big boost in sales because people purchase the DVDs for gifts." During the holiday season of 2002, there was a significant increase in sales when an article was published about the DVD series in the Detroit Pree Press. Details of that are described in our third press release. This year, as a result of sales during Interbike, we have sent out more press releases to other parts of the country. The stores and shops that ordered our DVD series should expect media coverage in their local areas. "We have a wonderful public relations program," says Robert Weber. "We send out press releases to newspapers in order to direct customers to the shops that have just ordered our DVD series. We are confident that when they smell the hand made soap and read about the places where we have ridden historic cycling trails, they will want to see the videos. We want the shops to share in our success."

"What is next for the series ?"

The producer says, "People are going to love Disk 4. That is where we begin to trace the trails of the Revolutionay War. It is very exciting. Not only can you go to the same places as George Washington, but also visit the same trails and buildings where Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock and the other founding fathers once stood. The events of July 1776 are brought to life in a very interesting way. We show battle reenactments and provide other history about the Delaware River that people might not expect. The Revolutionary period has so many fascinating stories. The DVDs bring history to life in ways that no other medium can offer."

"Disk 5 will be even more exciting," continues Weber, " with Daniel Boone being chased by Indians and more battles and more bike trails and more period music and more real life drama. Each DVD in the series just gets more intense." The featured trail in Disk 5 will be the Virginia Creeper. This is a very popular trail in the southeastern part of the country because it is near the border between Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. "Tens of thousands of people ride that trail every year and I doubt that they know the historical significance," the producer exclaims. "We will not only put the ride on video, but we will also explain the history associated with it."

There are many more trails to ride and stories to tell.

"If you want some more quotes, I'll send them via email." says Robert Weber, producer.

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