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Bicycling through History, A New Pirate Script

Pirate Script

This is just an idea. This is not real movie script. This is just an idea.

The concept is to find a bunch of pirates at Key West during late Nov.- early Dec. 2003.

We would all go out on a sunset cruise with tickets purchased by Bicycling Through History.

Once we get far enough from shore and have the proper light, we would shoot the video.

Setting: On board ship

Cast: To be determined, but at least consisting of 5 male pirates. It can include wenches and can be altered for more characters.


Captain: I got a feeling we are gonna find some plunder today

Wheelman: Aye, Cap'n. SheĠs a good day for it.

Captain: Hey there mate, let's break out some grog fer the crew.

Mate: We are down to the last barrel, Cap'n.

Captain: We are gonna find some more today, matey. I got a feelin

(After some shuffling around below decks)

Mate: Hey Cap'n, someoneĠs broke into the last barrel already.

Captain: Naaah, that cannot be. I ordered no one into those casks without my say so.

Sailor 1: I think its the wenches Cap'n. They's git away wit' it.

Wench 1: No, no Cap'n, I did not touch those barrels

Wench 2: Nor did I Cap'n

Captain: We had better not have any theivin' goin' on, or I'll be dishing out the lashings til the whole crew is achin'.

Mate: Hey, Cap'n, I think we got ourselves a scoundrel here

(Hauling out Sailor 2 by scruff of his neck)

Mate: We got us a tipsy rogue from below, . . .

Captain: Aaaarrrgh, . . . haul 'im out here and lash 'im up by the halyard.

Mate: Aye, Cap'n

Captain: If he's got grog on his breath, he's due for 40 lashes. Bring out that cat o' nine tails whilst you string 'im up.

(Captain in his face)

You ain't been gittin in the grog before I says so have ye ?

Sailor 3 (from up in the rigging): Ship ahoy Cap'n. Ship ahoy !

(The Captain turns and looks while the telescope is handed to him)

Captain: Aye, . . . she's a fine lookin' vessel. That's where we'll git our grog for today, and we'll see what else we can plunder from that scurvy lot.

(Scene shows tourists on board sightseeing schooner cruise)

Mate: What shall we do wit the scoundrel, Cap'n ?

Captain: Leave 'im tied up whilst we drink what's left, . . . . then cut 'im loose when weĠre ready for boarding.

Mate: Aye, Cap'n

(More scenes of tourists on schooner cruise)

(Pirates preparing for boarding party with clubs and knives)

Captain: Git that powder ready for some shots on quarter

Sailor 3: We're low on powder, Cap'n. It looks like only enough for one or two shots.

Captain: Then make ready the guns and stand by for my orders !

Sailors: Aye, Cap'n.

(More scenes of tourists)

Captain: First, ye cut their throats and then we get their grog.

(More scenes of tourists)

Captain:We don't start drinkin' til they're all dead or overboard.

(More scenes of tourists)

Mate: Are we takin' 'er with us or sinki' 'er there, Cap'n ?

Captain: I'll give yer orders when I see her up close.

(Broadside attack - Terrified tourists - cut to cycling)

And further explanation:

Footage has already been shot of a broadside attack by a fast schooner approaching a slower vessel full of tourists out for an evening cruise. The tourists already looked terrified even before the ship left the dock. Once out to sea, the tourists simply starting drinking and became oblivious to the attack.
This is NOT definite.

This is just an idea.

If enough people express interest in buying the "Pirate" DVD, we can move to the next step, which would be actual planning.

Comments, suggestions and recommendations are welcome at the SUBMIT page. Just type in a message and SUBMIT it.

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