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Pirates !!

Sunken Treasure !!

Its not cycling and its not history, but it sure is FUN !

The clip shown above is a mellow introduction to the winter mountain experience. It was shot in February 2017 at Brian Head Resort.

Once again shot at Brian Head during winter 2017, it shows more variety of styles and snow riding capabilities.

The Clip above is January 27, 2018 and shows the jump recently built in the Terrain Park for 2018.

Another clip from earlier in the day on Jan. 27, 2018 shows the Cardboard Luge Races at Brian Head.

The clip above is from 2017 showing capabilities of an "Alpine Board" ridden by "Fast Tony" of Las Vegas.

The clip above was shot in Colorado 2016. It shows Beaver Creek and Breckenridge with a variety of styles.

Back at Brian Head in March 2017, the first jumpers were actually at the resort for Youth Ski League Racing, . . . and they found the jumps.

The clip above features John & Ashley cruising southern Utah powder. They scored a great 3 day trip.

We are back in Colorado once again for some classic-style skiing. The run is called Rose Bowl and it provides perfect conditions.

David has a wonderful style. He skillfully combines elements of old and new in a blitzing approach. He is 68 years young in the clip.

We are back to powder condition with Tom, the freestyle snowboarder. He brings his Pacific surfing experience to the snow.

Going back to 2014, the clip above shows a "Big Air" competition at Brian Head resort. Start with practice, then the event.

Finally we have clip from South America with powder and power, . . . .

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